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Mission Statement

This event raises awareness of the need for apprenticeship funding in bespoke specialist trades and connects experts, needing to hire an apprentice.

Heritage trades + Youth = INNOVATION

The Event

This event highlights the fact that old knowledge reinvigorated with new trainees creates new products and solutions for our future. COVID-19 has shown that the global supply chains and trade can be disrupted and independence for essential skills and trades is critical for all Australian's quality of life.

Bespoke trades have bespoke solutions for industry and client needs, from customised wheelchairs to stonewall building, these skills and expertise are best transferred from Master to apprentice.

However many traditionally trained experts are finding it difficult to grow their businesses and train new people without a clear training path or apprenticeship program. Training someone and passing forward a lifetime of skill by taking an apprentice is a labour of love and is increasingly challenging.

The annual National Endangered Skills and Trades Show brings artisans, makers, and repairers using traditional knowledge together in one place to facilitate interactions with students, and the wider public by demonstrating the tasks they use for their work.

Friday night the National Museum is hosting the Seminar evening with a panel of 6 speakers discussing the issues and skills gaps looming in Australia's employment space. Notably, the rapid loss of indigenous professions and the lack of training pathways to ensure this knowledge is not lost forever.

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NEST people 13-Jul-2019 _GJB5369 JPEG sR