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Graham McDonald Stringed Instruments

About Us

Graham initially started building instruments because he wanted an Irish bouzouki to play and at that time building one seemed the easiest way of getting one. That led to another, then a guitar, a mandolin and then the spiral began. 

Creating an attractive and responsive stringed instrument is simply the most satisfying activity Graham knows and there is great joy in hearing a talented musician create music on one of his instruments.

Over the years he has made guitars, both steel string and classical, solid body electric bouzoukis and mandolins  as well as a number of sympathetic string violins somewhat in the style of the Norwegian hardanger fiddle and even a baritone banjo bouzouki. Graham can often be tempted into making a hybrid one-off instrument. 

Contact Us

Phone: 0402026962
Address: PO Box 365, Jamison ACT, 2614 Australia

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