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Thomas Coen Jewellery

About Us

My story began long before I found out about my love for jewellery. It started when I was growing up on a small Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory where I was connected with my people through hunting, gathering and painting with my father.


At nine years old, my curiosity for jewellery was sparked by my grandmother. She would show me her small collection of jewellery, which were her most prized possessions, whenever I visited. And before I knew it, my passion for jewellery began.  

In 2020, I decided to take a leap of faith during a trying time to set up my own jewellery business out of my studio in Canberra. From a young age, my dream has always been to create my own line of jewellery, mixing high-end contemporary jewellery with Aboriginal art. My jewellery is inspired by my culture and draws on my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage. I am a proud Jawoyn and Kala Lagaw Ya man and my vision is to express the beauty of my people, family, community and culture through my jewellery.


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