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Traditional Furniture Restorers

About Us

At Traditional Furniture Restorer and French Polishing, we use our skills to polish, repair or conserve your furniture. Whether your furniture is antique, modern, or just a piece you like that needs repair to be carried out. We use our skill to ensure that only best methods and work is completed for your piece.


Since establishing, Garry, our founder, has trained four trade qualified French Polishers, four Cabinet Makers and currently has an apprentice French Polisher and an apprentice Cabinet Maker.  We pride our self on training apprentices to do our part in retaining our rare skills for the next generation.

Our workshop has been repairing and restoring furniture for over 17 years and our team has the requisite passion and skill to complete any furniture restoration or repair. If you’re in need of furniture restoration, give us a call.


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